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December 29, 2011


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I had to have these too.And I've got a 5" Xyron-I think you just made the process a whole lot simpler for me.Thanks!

Small world Janice - we are currently at Ft. Bragg as well!

The sign on your house intrigued me. My son is at Ft. Bragg and we just got back from NC after seeing them for Christmas. Your house is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks so much girls! My mom has a collection of houses as well (from my grandmother) - they were the inspiration for these! Great minds think alike! :)

I have never seen these before--exceptionally cool. LOTS of work, you did an awesome job!

oh my goodness! First time visitor... jumped over from a link at Facebook... Beautiful house and wonderful tutorial. Thank you for sharing. I'll be back!

love them. i also have my old houses from childhood and I think i have a 10 and 12 cent price tag.

These are gorgeous! I have got to get some of those kits!

Thank you for this. I just packed up my houses that have been around since 1965. My mom always created a village, snow and all kinds of people since I was a child. I played with it, then grandchildren and now great grandchildren can! The houses haave prices stamped on the bottom of 15 cents. So cool, I just may have to attempt a couple to add to it next year! Thank you-

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