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February 20, 2012


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Hi Kim! There was - I announce the winners of my giveaways on my FB page. Thanks for checking! Beth

I was wondering if the winner was picked for this?

I donate to my children school fundraisers and hold craftathons too,

I love to donate my handmade cards to my local church. They love them very much and this awesome kit would be much appreciated. Thx for the chance!

I make card sets and give them to my girlfriend. She in turn helps the residents she cares for in a Nursing Home put them together. They in turn send them to family and friends.

I make cards with the middle school girls at church for the Seniors at church. I also make goodies for our youth group leaders to show we appreciate all they do for our kids.Treat bag holders,die cut box's, etc.

The local woman's shelter and Also the SPCA to thank them for their amazing things they do!

I make all kinds of things to give away for a Rally for the Cure Golf tournament that I organize. I have made anything from beaded golf bag clips, to photo frames made from card stock. The money I make from the golf tournament goes to helping women in my community with mammograms and medical appointments..

I love making cards and have made them for missionaries in Albania to use as gifts to give to the local ladies. This is an extravident gift as they would never purchase something like this on their own.

I donate hundreds of cards for an auction and the proceeds to various organizations that help people in third world countries.

Working with beautiful fabrics would be a fun addition to my crafting materials!

I make thank you notes for Lamoille Area Cancer Network, to send out to anyone who makes a donation. Along with other friends were are barely able to keep up with their needs. But it is so rewarding, and LACN does so much for anyone locally who needs $$ for their expenses.

I donate supplies to church for Sunday School classes and VBS.

This is my second year painting a rain barrel to be auctioned off to raise funds for a local non-profit organization. Last year I spent about 40 hours on it - I loved every second.

Doing crafty things for others has always been a great source of "warm fuzzies" for me!! I make cards for OWH. I've made over 350 baby blankets (cocheted and quilted) and over 100 crocheted afghans that have been sent all over the world through various organizations! There are so many places to donate our crafty things to! Check out this site for patterns and places to donate. They also have a yahoo email group! http://ac4c.wordpress.com/

I have made Christmas Cards for the last 8 years and give to my sister and Mom and Make cards for several of Mom's freiends at Church.

We are so involved in 4-H and service comes hand-in-hand with that. My kids have grown up making cards for soldiers, tying quilts, assembling care kits, sewing cool wraps for soldiers, making cards for Katrina victims, and more. My kids are much better people for being given opportunities to serve! I'm bookmarking woobiesfor. We always seem to be cutting our old jeans into quilt squares for one project or another. :) http://soldiersangels.org/ is also a good site for sewing skills donations!

I have been making cards for my God Mom who was just diagnosed with cancer in November. She loves them, and says it really brightens her day. Would love to win the fabric. Thanks for the chance.

I do cards for the troops, cards for the local childrens hospital. I made 'door' pillows that were sold to raise money for St Jude. I have taught special needs high school students how to make flower pots so they could experience a project from start to finish.

I knit baby booties to give to adoptive parents when they come to collect their new baby. I assist with crafts in my grandson's kindergarten class. I help special needs teen age girls to scrap their special memories. I would see that this fabric is used to help others.

Knitting hats and scarves for local shelters. I also provide projects on my websites to help other people create things and have the satisfaction of knowing they made something themselves.

I have taught my niece's Girl Scout troop to do various crafts. We did felting, made cards, and have taught them to sew easy little things. I'd love to have these so they can make little quilts for dolls.

I am learning to quilt and like giving them to people that i think need a lift. Also through the years i have given away many afghans to people for the same reason. Its nice to have something from someone just because.

Through the years I have shared my gifts by creating cards, quilts, blankets, and even onesies for different charity organizations. I also have given left over yarn, floss, paper and fabric to schools, churches and other charities collecting them. I love to volunteer and craft so giving back to wonderful non-profits is always rewarding!

Hmm...I thought I left a comment here!

I belong to a quilt guild and we make crib quilts for the NICU at our local hospital, and children's medical center. We also make bags for the woman's shelter. This charm pack would be perfect for one of the charm bags we make!

I am currently working on a crib quilt that sprouted from some random scraps I received from my MIL. I searched until I found a pattern that would accomodate these teddy bear pieces as the center and built the quilt around that! (Since I am still a relatively new quilter--I get excited when I am able to pull something together on my own! LOL) Woobiefor sounds like a great cause-I already bookmarked it for my next quilt--I have an adorable umbrella fabric from my MIL--it would be perfect for a "Hope" quilt!

I have participated in a quilt used for a raffle to raise funds for an organization. I also keep a Pinterest board, http://pinterest.com/cnyscrapper/charitible-crafting/, to compile the organizations I learn of from blogs and FB pages. If nothing else I can help other crafters find organizations that they can help. I've already pinned woobiesfor.com. Thanks for the chance to win.

I give scrapbook supplies to schools and daycares so that kids can learn to be creative.

At my church we make prayer shawls for those going through something difficult. They are always greatly appreciated!

Another prayer shawl crocheter here. I started right before my husband donated a kidney to his brother. I crocheted while in the hospital with them and donated several to Froedtert hospital where the transplant was done in Milwaukee. The staff there is so kind and compassionate. After we got home, one would go that direction and the next shawl would go to my church for their ministry.

I was working with a group that made cloth teddy bears for the police, firemen, and ambulance crews. they would give them to any kids who were involved in an accident or who needed some comfort when a parent was hurt. These were also sent overseas. These squares would work good for that.

My daughter and I have participated in collecting Birthday in a Bag for kids whose families go to the local food bank. We collected all sorts of items like cake,frosting, plates, cups and a gift to put in a Birthday in a Bag for the families to pick out when they go to the food bank.We created craft Birthday cards to go with the Bags the children get.

I teach crafts to kids for free. I'm also going to start doing crafts with kids at our local Children's Hospital.

I've done Op Write Home, made prayer blankets from fleece for my church (people could go to the closet & get a free blanket to bless someone with & the sewing team would pray for all the needs on the list) and once a yr the local quilt shop makes little quilts for preemies.

The former Women's Ministry at my church made blankets for Project Linus, a great charity for sick children. The blankets could be the simplest no-sew fleece, knit, crochet, or quilted. I made mine from fleece with a crocheted border. Have not done this but considering bringing it up with our new Columbiettes chapter.

I do all my Scrapbooking for Crops of Luv. We make scrapbook for critically ill kids who have gone on wish trips. We have made over 200 albums.

I crochet several lap robes each year and give them to our local nursing home. There is always someone that needs some extra warmth when sitting in a wheel chair.

I dont normally use fabric. maybe a lil here and there on layouts and cards but if I won this I would give it to my daughter who has a love for learning how to make clothes and things. She doesnt have much and I would love for her to create something wonderful. I love Operation write home.

My mom donates baby quilts to the church my grandma used to attend (in her memory). These quilts then go to babies in need. I need to learn to quilt so I can help my mom out. I also teach my students how to express their feelings through artistic measures (I bring in a bunch of art things for them to use).

I know how to crochet, so I've made several "Prayer Shawls" and have given them to a local church where the Pastor prays over them and gives them to people who need love, comfort, support.....a prayer.....

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