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February 06, 2010


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It did work pretty well - but the suede was VERY thin. I've also used it on craft metal with a lot of success. I never even thought about trying it with leather! :)

thank you Beth, how did the embossing turn out, does it give a good depression into the suede.

Hey Sandra - I have embossed thin suede with it - but have not tried leather. Does that help at all?

will the creatopia emboss leather, i can't seem to find anything that fits the purpose, i need a continuous roller type for long strips of leather.

Hey Kammy!  I know Xyron is releasing some new stuff at the January CHA - so well keep our fingers crossed!  :)

are we going to see any new embossing rollers? We need more full page ones that fill up the page please.

hi, I have never used them. would love to give them a try. I really like the paw prints how cute.

These are totally amazing. I can't wait to try them. I love the swirls and puppy prints. They are all fab.

Oh, no another item to go on my wishlist!! :-)

Thanks! Look forward to trying these out. More full patternz please!

Hey Kammy!  Amazon.com has them for a great price - here is the link for you!  :)





I can't find the full patternz anywhere! Where can we buy that full swirl one on the end?

I love my creatopia, but please release more for the embossing!

hey Beth - I just stumbled upon your blog this evening and I love it!! SO nice to see you out here! we sure miss you ;-) glad to see things are well with you - sounds like you're still crazy busy in the scrappin world - it's great to see you out here still :-) (BTW - I did go back to read your first post - and I loved it!!)

Lou!!  I AM coming back...some time this summer!!  So excited!!  :)  Now if only we could have the chance to meet!  :)

ooooh beth, i am so excited, i have been waiting for these and the shapez to be ready!!!! so when are you coming back to the UK to demo them for us?!! lol !!
lou x

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