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November 17, 2011


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Nancy - love the "best of" idea!

Kimberly - you go girl! Great minds think alike!

I read that Dear Abby column and felt very disheartened about sending out handmade cards. Our list is pretty short (40ish) and I work in retail (Paper Source--we love xyron!--where the pressure to create a fabulous card is pretty high!) so earlier this month I decided to do some handmade and some store bought (for the exact reasons you are!) For me, it's really about the creative process (choosing the colors, the theme, the pieces)...but it is a little sad when hardly anyone comments on all that hard work :(

Every year I keep one card from the Christmas season...we call it 'the best of'. My family's tastes have evolved, we usually pick the hand made cards.

Long Live the HANDMADE Card!!!

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