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January 16, 2012


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Oh I LOVE your blog and was soo happy to have had the chance to meet you in Saskatoon. I love your goal, "finish what I start." I feel this is something I can set as a goal as well. I always feel less cluttered in my head when something gets done. Then I feel that I can be that better person and start fresh on something new! I look forward to reaing Monday's blog!

I would like to think the first thing on my list will be to learn how to create a blog. Just why haven't I done that and why does it seem so difficult??? Thanks for sharing your honesty, Beth. That's what I love about you! Penny

you are AWESOME. and that is all.xxo

Beth I love you list that you have made and I may have to do one for myself...here is something to add to your list. I try to do this everyday, because my Joey, who is autistic, makes me do this. Find something to smile about everyday. No matter how I am feeling he can always make me smile.

Sandy Hubbard

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