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February 13, 2012


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Shelley it is totally going to rock your world...it did mine! :) Welcome - and thanks for checking me out!

OMG...awd! How did I never hear about/see this product?! I have been scrapping for about 5 years now and have, maybe, three full pages "done" for a "possible" album. Seriously. I have done a few mini albums, now lots of cards, but sadly, no big scrapbooks exactly for the reasons you outline - mostly fear and overwhelmingness (yes, I know that is not a word, lol). Just found your blog thru a FB entry on Scrapbooks & Cards Today (Mar 13, 2012). Thank you for sharing.

I have an old scrapbook filled with family photos that needs to be replaced. This would be a great way to place the old photos and the handwritten notes beside the photos.

I am new to scraping and have tons and tons of photos.This looks like a way I could get organized..

Awesome giveaway and thank you for all the inspiration

Love the idea!!

I never tries this but would love to...I am a low vision scrapbooker and I am soooo behind because it takes me so long to do a page...I love the tought of having all my pictures in one place! thanks for this great giveaway!

Have not tried it. Would love to try it! pegchr (at) yahoo (dot) com

I love the idea of this. Looks like it would be a great way to quickly get some pages done without loosing any of the creativity that would go into a large 12X12 layout. Would love to try it! Thanks for the giveaway!

I have my first daughters baby album all done with Everyday Stories, but Im so behind with daughter number 2, need to pick up an album and page protectores for her album. I think it is about time she just turned 2. It is so easy to get an album done using this system, I love it.

This looks like fun. Especially the part about it not being permanent...it would be a great way to sort pictures that you want to make permanent layouts with if the temporary look of the pagers isn't your thing. What a great tool for crops and sorting those hundreds and thousands of pictures that are sitting in piles!

Ok, this looks awesome!! I have a 3 1/2 year old boy and an 8-month old girl and I have so many photos of them. This is an awesome way to get these photos into an album but I can also mix together 12x12 layouts with more simple pages with a few embellishments or just paper. Right now I scrapbook in traditional albums for my layouts and then all my other photos are put into regular albums. I just can't not print out all my photos! This is the best of both worlds. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

I LOVE this idea, though I love doing my scrapbook pages filled with yummy papers, emblishments etc. I think this idea is brilliant : ) To be able to scrap many photo's in one sitting! I love the idea, I've watched the video several times! Just love it! Thanks for the chance, such a great giveaway!

I'm open to trying new ways to scrapbook! Thanks for the chance to win

What a great product! I did not even know that there was such a thing! My daughter is 12 and I have done maybe through pre-k in her scrapbook. Seems like this would help anyone "catch up" on all those need-to-be-done pages.

I haven't tried this yet,but it will help get some of those tough pages done in a flash!

I think this is a great idea. I always feel behind and overwhelmed with my scrapbooking. I actually have an album and pages to scrap my daughter's D.C./New York trip in this style. She took over 1000 pictures!! Thanks for the push to start this!

Wow! This would be a perfect option to help catch up the scrapping I need done for my son who graduates in 2 years!! I'm already diligently working on the back log for DD who graduates in June!!! I should have started scrapbooking years before I did!!!

I have been wanting to try this style of scrapping. I have Lupus and between flares it seems I am always trying to "catch up"! Thank you for the chance at a great giveaway!!!

I've been thinking about starting to scrap like this, now I am even more inspired by you to do it like this and teach everyone I know to do the same!! Thanks so much, It makes sense and is so freeing

I think this is a great idea! A great way to scrap the holidays with many pics, like Halloween or Christmas. I may try this!

I never knew anything like this was around. I really would love to try it to get my boxes of photos in a book.

I'm SO behind! I'm definitely going to look into this. My daughter is 4 and I'm still working on her baby book...lol.

This sounds wonderfully freeing.....Thanks for the chance to win.

I have never seen this before, but would love to try it. I am so far behind, I have almost caught up with myself. This seems like a wonderful idea. Thanks for the great chance to win such a product.

I haven't tried this yet, but I think it sounds like a great idea!!!

It sounds like a great idea & I think I may have to give it a try.

It looks like a greatway to get mine out of boxes and make a little progress this year~

Thanks for the chance to win. I have never tried this set...but would love to. Would maybe get me more motivated to get things done.

I never really looked at this type of system until I started putting all of my LOS into the albums! I will never be able to store all of the albums if I continue do 12x12 LOs with only one or two pics per page.

When the Simple Stories collections came out I really started to look at/ consider this type of system. I think I could really enjoy it! Love your post and sharing your process with us!

I haven't tried this type of scrapbooking but it sounds like a great idea.

I've used some of the divided page protectors while doing Project Life and with some of the Simple Stories kits. I find it to be a little easier than having to sit down & contemplate layouts. But, this way also still gives you the freedom to do 12X12 layouts and keep them in the same album. I like being able to switch gears when I'm stuck in that mojo rut!

I LOVE this way after scrapping! I have VERY little time to scrap and this is a huge time saver. I have not tried it yet but have been looking into it!

I would love to try this system to helpbme get back on track and help me feel less overwhelmed!

I haven't tried this type of scrapbooking but I feel I might be more productive using this system. Thanks <3

I haven't tried this yet but would love to. I think it would help me catch up and would also give my albums a different look/feel.

I haven't used this system but I have used another brand and love who you can complete alot of pictures in a short amount of time.

Looks like a great idea, I would love to try it. I have a ton of photos just sitting waiting and not much time. With 3 kids under 4 years, this sounds ideal. Thank you for the chance to win.

Love this idea so much as I have old not so great photos that are no so much scrapbook LO worthy but still want to keep them.

What a fabulous prize! Thanks for the chance. I have used this type of album once before and it was a lot of fun, and very freeing. I was taking Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" class and we used this type of album. I'd love to have another one, and I think your "stash clearing" idea is brilliant, would love to give that a try!

I've never tried it, but it sounds great. I would love to get "caught up" (I have granddaughters, I'm never really caught up..lol).

what a great idea! I have switched to "occasion" scrapping- hehehe- like an album for a vacation. Not as much pressure!


I laughed, I cried, I raised my hand....if this system can save me I would give my eye teeth for it (not literaly but you know what I mean). Thanks for the info and if I don't win I"m looking for this locally (and even if I do win).

OMG!!! This is so awesome! It would sgure make things alot easier to get my grandchildren albums started/finished!!!
Thanks for the chance to win this great prize. Thanks also very much for sharing!
Sue O

Are we related? In a way, I guess we all are. All of us who have the same idea of scrapping in chronological order, I mean. I started scrapping in 1999 at the age of 48 and fell in love with it! But with a lifetime of photos (two now adult children with a grandchild thrown in), my Mother's photos and photos from my husband I felt way overwhelmed! I still do! I must have over 10,000 printed photos with close to 3000 photos on CD's. What do I do?? This system sounds like a dream come true. I love the video and think this WILL work for me. Now let's hope I win! Thanks for the chance!!

I don't do much scrapbooking as I get tired of trying to come up with page ideas. I usually put my pictures in the divided plastic pages and then try to decorate the pages. Too often the pictures go vertical and the holders are horizontal so I'm stuck. These sound like a good idea.

Wow...to be very honest I have not been able to scrapbook for quite a few years. I love doing it but since having kids and loosing some loved ones. I've only barely been able to capture the moments and tuck them away. I'm just starting up again slowly since most of my stash was used up for school projects leaving me with not enough to start much. I love this idea. I'm new to a lot of the great things out there and also feel so far behind. I would love to win this and try to get caught up on those wonderful ideas I used to have that are still tucked away with all the photos.

I haven't tried this type of scrapbooking but I'm willing to give it a try. What a nice giveaway!

Wow! There maybe hope for the 30+ years of photos I have stored to scrap "some day". I think the biggest fear came the day my daughter said "When are you scrapping our childhood?". I'm pretty sure my gasp was audible as I stammered out "I don't know". Well, maybe this would be the way. I have mixed divided photo pages with my layouts, but always felt that was somehow cheating. That's the crazy pressure we all put on ourselves. It's time to give ourselves a break and realize not every photo deserves an hour of our lives. Thanks for the chance to give myself a break!

This concept came out years ago but never caught on. I think it was because the system was very limited in choices. The Everyday Stories looks like a system with lots of possibilities! And I raised my hand too.

There ARE so many of us that must scrap chronologically. Wow the Everyday stories album is such a fantastic idea. Thanks for the chance to win! Happy scrapping!!!

I scrap chronologically because the albums will be for my kids and I think its really neat seeing they're progress in life.

I havent tried this system but it sounds like it could save me time organizing my photos!

Sounds good, I have never tried it but it seems to work for so many others!

I would love to give that a try. It realy sounds like an easy way to get my pictures out for viewing.

These pages are the ultimate way to scrap!! The very first time that I used this system I got 15 pages done in one hour.Now I ask you , how many layouts would you get done in this amount of time? You can add as little or as many embellishments as you want. Thanks Beth for the chance to win this!!!:)

I found "Simple Stories" scrapbook line last year. It uses the divided page protectors & paper that can be cut to fit the pockets. It makes my scrapbook ing go pretty quickly :)

I am still a scrapbook virgin!! I have all the toys (except the xyron ones) but am "so far behind" with 20 years and 5 kids of scrapping to do! This would be a dream prize to win to get me started and re-motivated! This system looks like just what I need! Along with some new xyron toys (:

Oh my goodness. No word of a lie, in reading your article about your struggle to be motivated and basically your love hate relationship with scrapbooking, I felt like I was reading something I wrote. I'd consider myself and on-again / off-again scrapbooker. My biggest struggle too is that I also feel the need to go in order. I started with my daughters Babybook and over the year have onlyManaged to finish one book. She is now 5 and I'm still working on her first year. I have so many projects I long to start but yet I'm still not wanting to start because I don't want to give up! Wedding photos, Christmas', parties family vacations, and the birth & life of my 2 year old little guy, who is yet to have even one page.I feel sometimes I'll never get to it... Honestly until today!!! I just watched the videos posted and I've got HOPE!! I used to even buy premade pages, which I always felt like I was cheating myself (and my daughter). But seeing this product and how quickly you were able to get through 2 dozen photos and still make it look incredible, makes me more excited than I can put into words! I LOVE to scrapbook, probably takes me a good 4 hours per page, so the thought some nights of getting everything out for the sake of accomplishing so little is bit discouraging!!!!So thank you, thank you thank you for your story and post!
Obviously I'd love to win this giveaway!! And get back at it ! And even if I don't, I can assure you I'll be shopping for this 100%

What a great idea to get started with putting my sons photo in order and start getting his scrapbook done since he is 21 and is looking at getting married and will have many more picture to add and I haven't even began to do the first pictures. I love this idea for all the trips I have taken because then when I have time I can go back and journal and add personal touches to each page and even add a 12x12 page of other stuff if need be. Thanks for the chance to win.

I was just reading about this type of journaling over the weekend. I'm totally going to try this. Now as for printing out 3000 pictures? WHOA!!!

I think this is an awesome idea. I would love to try this. I have so many photos and this would be fast and fun. :)

Trying to be chronological has proven to be ill-fitting since starting scrapping 10 years ago with my first child and now have 4, and have just frozen in scrapping. My collection of supplies is beautiful and my computer photo dept grows monthly! I think this is just the type of scrapping I need to focus so I can enjoy my photo memories now and share them with my children.

I use these books for putting together trip pictures. We take lots of pics and I do a book per trip.

I have never scrapped like this but I can really see how awesome it would be! Wow! You could put a serious dent in your scrapbooking. Thanks for the chance to win :)

I must learn more about this and try it!!

I use it and my favorite thing is when I come back from a big vacation and have LOTS of photos that made the cut and want to get them organized, capture journal notes and be able to view them before they go in 'real' albums. Makes the more intenstive scrapping go SO much faster! And I use the same pages over and over and over!

Ohhh have not tried this system and would love to give it a go. thanks for the chance to win.

Boy I need to get serious about getting some scrappin done, I don't do anything in order and I wish I could start from the very beginning of my albums for my family. This would help me so much! Thanks!

I don't scrapbook in any order and I am sooooo far behind...yep that is me! I love this system, it makes scrappin' so quick and easy. I think I could actually get caught up on all my scrappin'

I have never tried it but it looks like something that I would love! I do not scrapbook chronologically.I just scrap as I feel the need to scrap and whatever I feel the need to scrap :)

I love this way to scrapbook. I have a special needs teen-age girl (17) who can scrap her memories successfully this way and have a beautiful album she is proud to show her friends. We currently have 4 finished scrapbooks done this way.

I have never seen this before but it looks amazing. I really need something to get my photos organized...HELP?

I have not tried this method but if it will get the stacks of pictures in albums then I am all for it. Had a great time at the crop Saturday!! Thanks for sharing all you amazing craftiness!!!

I must admit that I would like to scrap in order, but in reality I scrap in no real order. I so need a system and would love to try the system you are talking about here.

Wow that looks so cool. I'm so far behind in my scrapping. This wld b so cool to have. I cld work on pgs while at the hospital while my sis is being treated for cancer. Thank u for the opportunity.

I would love to say that I was caught up...will that ever happen? I have seen the page protectors at the store with different size compartments but thought that they were for storage. Now I know different and I have a box of pictures just waiting to get put in albums. I am thinking from your post that I may be getting my craft room cleaned out also. Thanks for the info!

Beth- you have decribed me to a T. I still feel the need to scrap chronologically and I know I will never be caught up- ever! I have just purchased a few sets divided pages and I am slowly filling them up.I love how freeing it is to leave free space to later add journaling/embellishments and if I'm feeling crafty I can whip up a 12 x 12 if I feel like it. I would love to win a new system becuase since I went digital a few years ago, I have a gazillion pictures! Please help!

I absolutely scrap in chronological order, but I try to do special events as well. Unfortunately, every time I've tried to just grab photos I like, I am unable to do anything with it because I don't know where it will go! This system looks like it solves both problems! I would love to give it a try!

Great videos Beth!!! The black pages sure make the photos and embellishments pop. The pockets are roomy enough to store an extra print or two behind the chosen photo without creating a problem. It makes it so easy to find a copy to share when asked years later! I'm going to try to do an album for my 40th wedding anniversary. Wish me luck! Wish we had this system years ago!

very interesting, would love to give it a try some time

Love the fact it is two pages attached. Brilliant! I don't think I can tear the pages. I would take the photos out and re-arrange things. Thanks for sharing this info!

I have never tried it but I would love too!!!

I have 28 years of pictures to get organized. I think this would be an awesome option to try!

I have used something similar to this called a picfolio. I love the versatility of this album. The possibilities are endless. I especially like that you can still do 12 x12 if you want. I really enjoy the second video where you used ribbon to create your own page design. Thanks for sharing. I know what my next album purchase will be!

What a FANTASTIC & CRAFT worthy idea!!! I have recently just gotten back into scrapbooking this past summer. I too like to scrap in order. I just finished my daughter's Pre-k school year... she is now 21 and in her 3rd year of college :~) I can see where this system would be very appreciated by ALL levels of scrapbookers!!! Thank-you for sharing the video and your "love" of crafting!

thank you for bringing this to our attn! and for showing how to actually use this system! very interesting!...happy valentines day!

I have never tried this type of scrapbooking but it does look like it is a less stressful way to scrapbook.

I have never done it, but I just ordered similar pages. I can't wait for a chance to try them out. Thanks for the giveaway.

I am in the same situation as you all are, so many albums to do it is overwelming and takes the fun out of it. I haven't tried this system yet but I have heard it is great. I would indeed love to try it if it will get me back on track.

looks very interesting...

I've been scrapbooking for 12 years....I scrapbook what I want....not chronologically....my pictures are all sorted so it's easy to pick something to work on....would love to win the Simple Stories album! :o)

I have not had the pleasure of using this type of scrapbooking, but I think it would be a great help! I love taking photos, but I spend so much time with a layout when scrapbooking, I hesitate to even start.

I have just started using divided page protectors in my scrapbooking. They work great when you have tons of pictures and want to scrap them all.

I have always scrapped what appealed to me when I wanted but am never caught up in everything. I think the beauty of my using a system like this is I could put the pictures I haven't felt like scrapping into albums and when I have time go back and add embellishments and stories to them instead of trying to wait until I am ready to do it all at once.

I gave up scrapbooking and took up card making for a long time because I could never keep up with the quantity of photos and layouts. Now I have been doing the Project Life style with various styles of page protectors. I have flown through the photos from the past few years!

I think that there is a definite need for easy photo storage. I think that's why Simple Stories is a good idea. Some of us don't want to take 4 hours per page, with 1 photo per page.

OMG - 3000 pictures??? I started scrapbooking late (my son was already 6) so I have been playing catch up ever since because... you guessed it.. I scrap chronologically. This system would be a HUGE help. Please pick me:-)

I have never done the usual scrapbooking because it's such a HUGE deal!!!!! I would love this sort of thing because it's easy and not time consuming. Better to get the photos IN there than doing nothing, right?

I think it looks like a good idea it would help me to stay more focused!!!

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