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March 12, 2012


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LUV Cilantro! Thanks for the great recipe!! Can't wait to make it -- I make a BBQ Chicken in the crock pot that rocks too - I use boneless skinnless chicken thighs - even though I prefer white meat chicken - the thighs are moister, tastier, shred much more easier, and CHEAPER!

It sure sounds tasty and I LOVE cilantro! However, I don't own a crock-pot so I'll have to cook the chicken the old-fashioned way!

I also heard that you can put cooked chicken into a KitchenAid mixer with the paddle utensil and it shreds up cooked chicken breast for you. Haven't tried it but found the tip on Pinterest.

Wow it looks good. I love mexican food. But I too do not like cilantro. Well I will eat it. I like it in salsa and in some dishes but when it is over bearing I can't do it. 1/4 of a cup seems like alot. Although I know its not. But when you know it's that overbearing taste you worry about it makes it seem like alot. Thanks for the recipe I will try it for sure. YUMMY....

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