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March 05, 2012


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I didn't intent to watch the film,but I did. I am not American, I am Canadian. Nevertheless, it touched me and really made me think about these incredible young men and all they have done for ALL of us. Thank you for sharing this piece of history.

Amazing and Emotional, Thanks you and God Bless all the brave Men and Women.

What an amazing event. I was just filled with American pride reading it. I am honored to know you and Don and thank you both for all that you do and sacrifice to make us safe. To all the MoH recipients thank you for all that you endured and stood strong for because of your love of your country and fellow man. Truly humbled by this story and so glad that Beth and Don got to have this experience. And by the way you both looked FABULOUS!!! Thanks for sharing this Beth.

What a wonderful time you seem to have had and I completely understand. I always enjoy parties where my dad's friends from the military days are there- hearing them talk about some of their experience is always fun or at the very least interesting.

My husband is retired military with 32 years of service. He never saw combat, but always says that it was the best time of his life. I only wish I had been more a part of his life back then, as we married 10 years before he retired. We attended many affairs, balls and dinners with the military and it is a family unto itself. I wish more people in this nation of ours could experience military life and maybe then, more of them would appreciate the hardships our military families go through to defend our nation and not be so fast to downplay the military and deplete our greatest resource. Thank you for sharing your wonderful weekend with all of us.

Thanks for sharing this! I'm so glad that you guys were able to attend - you deserve it for all your sacrifices (and you guys look fabulous by the way). Thank you for all that you BOTH do and deal with for our nation.

I will now be late for an appt. because I could not stop reading your post! My father was a Marine. He also was appointed Wisconsin's Federal Marshall by President Reagan (and later Bush when he was elected president). My parents were blessed to attend a few events like this so I read your story with great interest. I wish more Americans could have opportunities to witness true American Pride. Like you said, these people are the true hero's/roll models we should all aspire to be. I am blessed and honored to be an American. Yes our country needs to make improvements, but it IS the best country in this world to live. We need to join together and be proud of our history not bash it and the men and women who fought/fight for our blessed way of living. Thank you for sharing your weekend. Please thank your husband for me for his service and you also for your sacrifice. May God continue to bless our great nation!

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