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April 02, 2012


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Can someone send me instructions for these self-made things?

What a brilliant idea and lovely card too!!!

Cute cards. I make cards each month for the nieces and nephews and send as they love getting mail. However, I start my Xmas cards in July and complete 5 or 6 every week.

I love the idea of sending random cards to friends. I have tons of "just thinking of you" cards that sit in my craft room. Time to break out some stamps!!!

I know a man who sends a homemade card to one person on his "friend" list every week.By the end of the year-everyone has received a special card.I was going to do that this year-I am about 11 weeks behind!

I always make my cards ahead of time and then see blogs/websites with really cute ideas and then i wish I hadn't made all my cards already. It's happened for Easter already this year!!!

Beth- Really cute cards. I am going to start my Christmas cards soon. I am going to try to make 2 or 3 every week & when Christmas rolls around I will be card ready & have less pressure to get them done & in the mail. Any time could be Christmas card time. I enjoy all my Xyron items. I have more of them coming in the mail from HSN. I enjoy seeing your presentations on there.


Brilliant! No pressure! Easy, peasy!

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